Q: Browser / Player / QuickTime Player starts to play instead of download song

It look likes you need to do little setting in your browser to be able to download file easily

There are 2 solutions:

- Change Your Browser Configuration - IE | Firefox
- Try Download Manager Like - FlashGet


1) Change your Browser Configuration

In Internet Explorer

Go to : Tools > internet options

Go to > Security tab

Click custom level


First option: Automatic prompting file downloads
Click Enable, then click Ok and again OK

Now Restart Browser and Enjoy

In firefox:

Go to Tools : Options

Click Applications tab > Search mp3 > It Will list all related results > Now For All Content Type's Saying MP3 or MPEG Layer 3 Audio Select Save File in right side drop down list (under Col Action)

Now Restart browser and Enjoy


2) Try Download manager like DAP or FlashGet for Better Resume support download , enable download manager browser integration and after this when open site instead on Simple click on link and DAP / or FlashGet Automatically pick the link.Alternatively use Right Click and Use option Download With DAP / FlashGet

In FlashGet:

Go to Tools > Options

Under Monitor Tab make Sure your settings look like Screen shot below:

After This make sure browser monitroing enble

Now Try Download > Right Click and Use option Download With FlashGet


Firefox users suggested to install Firefox Addon FlashGot (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/220) with FlashGet


Hopefully this is enough to resolve your issue , but if you still find any issue contact admin(at) fmw11.com with detailed information like Error message , Screen shot if possible, link to album / song where you find issue